Country Gardens Motor Inn

This inn has award winning designs that invites a lot of tourists and locals alike. This inn is located in Toowoomba, QLD. So the best way to get there is to buy cheap flights to Brisbane and then drive. You will surely enjoy your stay in this place whether you are here for pleasure or business. The comfort that this place has to offer will make you come back for more. Country Gardens Motor Inn is proud of their spacious bedrooms. They have 18 bedrooms in all. They have family units, kitchenette suites, spa suites and motel rooms. If you are a boarding school family, family holiday travelers, businessmen, couples, singles, honeymooners and simple travelers, then this place is a great place to be. This place is located in the corner of James and Macarthur street and is near the Central Business District. You can shop and dine in some of the best places surrounding the Country Gardens Motor Inn.

Kiah Country Gardens

Kiah Country Gardens can give you accommodations for both bed and breakfast. They also have other accommodations to offer to make your stay more comfortable. If you want to escape the busy streets of the urban area or if you are in the middle of Melbourne and Sydney, then it would be best if you stay at the Kiah Country Gardens. The facilities and the atmosphere that this place can offer will surely relax your body and soul. This place has three suites that are amazingly designed for your convenience. These suites has their own parking areas and private entrance. They also have deluxe rooms which is just right for the budget. They serve daily breakfast which is very good. Included in these breakfast are fresh fruit, yogurt, milk, museli, and orange juice. They also serve tea or coffee, depending on your choice. You may also book or inquire if you have any special request.

Parklands – A Heritage Property

This Country garden is owned by Warren and Martha De Montemas and they invite you to their 28 acre heritage property where you will have a great experience at the national Park of the Blue Mountains at Blackheath. You will be amazed by this place even as you enter their drive way starting at the Govetts Leap Road. As you go through the drive way, you will see cypresses and pines that are over a hundred year old already. The landscape in this place will give you a taste of the past. This place will truly bring you to a whole different place. Their weatherboard style cottage is very relaxing and is best for retreats and meditation. It’s perfect for small seminars or conferences as well. Most recent company booked an internal seminar here was Rate Detective Insurance.

Under the Spell of the Ages: Australian Country gardens

This is an illustration book that will show you the wonderful country gardens in Australia. If you like to travel and visit country gardens, then you should have this book. This book will give you the right information about the country gardens in Australia along with their pictures and features.